Having issues with your existing system? Tower Designs will work with you to identify the problem with your system. We will work with you to come up with a solution to remediate the existing system if at all possible or can design a replacement system if necessary. We strive to design the most cost effective and long lasting functional system.

Property purchase evaluation

Buying a piece of property and want to know what sort of septic system is required? Or, is the lender requiring a site evaluation report prior to completing the purchase of the property? We can arrange to meet an excavating machine on the property with you present, dig the test holes and prepare a complete report outlining the soils observed and what Washington Code would require for the property. This report can then be used when you build your home to complete the design without having to repeat the test pits.

Subdivision reports

 Planning on subdividing your property? We can perform a site evaluation and work with you to come up with a report detailing the soils observed and the minimum lot size as allowed by code. We can also test every lot and prepare a report detailing the type of septic system required to help potential buyers.

New Construction

Building your dream home? We will perform a site evaluation (including test pits if not previously done) and complete a site-specific septic design for your property. We strive to design the least expensive and most reliable system that will conform to Washington State code for your site.